First stage of the build is complete, the PiBot now has forward and backwards control over wifi. The whole system including the Pi is now powered off a battery pack. For a wiring diagram for the L293D chip and controlling a single DC motor please see the adafruit diagram (linked below) until i create my own complete wiring diagram.


In the close up photo of the breadboard you can see two extra wires connected to the Pi GPIO ports a live wire to the 5v0 port and a ground to the GND port, this is how i am powering the Pi from the battery. To achieve this safely however you must include a small UBEC. the one i selected can take any input from 5-30v and will provide a constant 5V 3Amp output.


This is all a bit of a mess at the moment as i am just posting things as i go along... I will hopefully try to organise the site and make a more structured post/layout. But in the mean time i got round to making a wiring diagram which ill admit isn't the most clear thing in the world however but i am pleased enough as it was my first attempt at doing one!

**updated with better wiring colouring and 4 extra batteries which in turn need lines put on (ill get this sorted eventually :P)**