Welcome to the PiBot homepage!

This site is dedicated to the production of my first Raspberry Pi project PiBot!

My long term aim is to produce an autonomous 'robot' (wheels or tracks) that can explore and produce a 2D map of what it finds. Due to the face i am a beginner at both programming and robotics i have decided to break this down into smaller steps which should slowly build up to the final goal.

  1. Create a program (in python) which will take the user input in the form of arrow key presses and send it over the wifi to my raspberry pi. This will be achieved in two programs. One running on my laptop, PiBotController, and the other running on the RPi, PiBotServer.
  2. Build a robot which can be controlled via my laptop over my house wifi network. The robot base at this stage will be a canibalised old remote control car i purchased from a car boot sale for the grand price of £7.50. Control must include steering but will not include any speed control at this moment.
  3. Replace the tempremental DC moto steering with a servo and install basic collision detection on the front of the car (i have been crashing into allot of walls at the moment... so i suppose i should find a new testing space rather than running around the living room)
  4. Add basic collision prevention into the current controlled set up which will halt or reverse the motors if an object is located in close proximity to the front of the PiBot.
  5. Install rear collision sensing and front +- 45Deg collision sensing
  6. Completely autonomous exploring robot mapper... The PiBot!

The site is under construction much like my PiBot so more content will be coming shortly!